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It's the mid nineties; the rave movement is in full effect; the drug ecstasy sells for at least £10 a hit.

A mobster loses five thousand pills during a brawl at a rave. The mob wants them back.

Chris finds them. Thinking his lucky day has finally come, he sets out on a rampage of hedonism and money making.

Before long though, he finds himself on the run from the police, facing the clutches of a powerful organized crime syndicate and responsible for a very public overdose case. Caught in a web of excessive drugs, wild parties and crazy people, a vortex has started swirling that threatens his sanity and his life as it sucks him down...

Crashing through Glastonbury and the murky London underworld toward a head on collision with oblivion, Chris finds the real deal is far, far from the dream.


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"If you fancy a gripping read of the London club scene and dodgy dealings with more twists that a corkscrew check this out - highly recommend !!!" Rob Barker (Fresh Organic)

"Shocking and revealing! I really enjoyed it!" Claire Malcomson (Enter Stage Right)

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